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Update Letter from the ETTD President


Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I would like to take a minute to update you since the last newsletter and our ETTD Men’s Weekend #42 in March. Our men of Weekend # 42 were able to successfully complete their weekend prior to many of the CDC and state-mandated social distancing guidelines and restrictions for group gatherings. Unfortunately for the ladies, the weekend leadership team, with the support of the ETTD board, in compliance with the state regulations and social distancing guidelines, postponed the Women’s Weekend #42. The women’s leadership team and the board set a tentative date for May 14-17 in hopes that restrictions would be lifted, and the women would be able to have their weekend. As we continue to monitor the updates on the Covid-19 virus, the re-opening of businesses, and continued recommendations for social distancing, the women’s leadership team along with the board decided to move the Women’s ETTD Weekend #42 to September 17th-20th. Women’s Rector, Jennifer Ives will be contacting her team to inform them of team meeting dates and times leading up to their weekend. There will be no Men’s Weekend in September in order to catch the Women Pescadores up with the Men Pescadores from the Spring. The current plan is that when the Spring weekends come around in 2021, we will continue to have our traditional Men’s Weekend, followed by the Women’s Weekends for both the Spring and the Fall. Below are the dates of the 2021 weekend dates:

Men’s Weekend- March 11-14, 2021 Men’s Weekend- September 16-19,2021

Women’s Weekend- March 18-21, 2021 Women’s Weekend- September 23-26, 2021

Traditionally, after the completion of the Spring 2020 weekends, our community would send out a newsletter to new Pescadores and the community with dates of the next sequela, up-coming rectors for the fall weekends, new Pescadores’ next opportunity to work a weekend, and the dates of the next weekends in the fall. Due to postponement of the Women’s Weekend, we will postpone the Spring sequela and schedule the next sequela after the Women’s weekend #42 on September 17th-20th. At the Fall Sequela, the community will hold their annual board elections for board members whose term will be expiring. A list of the vacant board positions will be announced, and we would like community members to prayerfully consider serving on the board. We currently have a need for two Pescadores to serve on the Weekend Committee. It is recommended that it be a husband/wife team, but it’s not required.

New Pescadores, as you finished your last day of your weekend, you were encouraged to form or get involved in a reunion group. I know that the Covid-19 virus has placed social distancing restrictions on Pescadores and that might have slowed your efforts in getting involved in a reunion group. I would like to suggest to you an alternative to meeting in person and a way to kick start a reunion group until you are able to meet in person as a group. Make this time an opportunity to hold your reunion groups online! You may find your reunion group has an even better turn out than you’d thin

Here are a few interfaces to consider:
Jitsi - Jitsi is a free application. There is an app and a desktop version for users that don’t want to install anything. Group leaders need to come up with a room name (typically the reunion group name) and communicate that name to all parties.
Pros: Anyone can use & it’s free
Cons: Anyone with the group name can access
Zoom - Zoom is free up to a certain amount of people and uses. You need to download the app and desktop version to use, but you can restrict access.
Pros: Many work professionals are more familiar with Zoom. There is a group leader access that can mute others and secure the chat.
Cons: Zoom has been experiencing high traffic, meaning, some lagging may occur. For those unfamiliar with Zoom, the learning curve can be tough.
Google Hangouts - Google, like Zoom, has a limited free plan. You can only have up to 25 people in a group as well. (which is more than double the recommended size of a reunion group!). There is also an app and desktop option.
Pros: You can access via your Gmail account. There is a free, live speech-to-text option that adds closed captions for those attendees that are hard of hearing.
Cons: Can only be accessed if you have a Gmail email account (however, you can have a gmail account for free.)

In closing, as I was reading my bible the other day, I came across the verse below. It really spoke to me as I moved about my day understanding the uncertainty of what the future holds. I would tell you I don’t live in fear because I know our God is in control. One thing is certain….Our God is always omnipresent (present in all places), omnipotent (unlimited power and authority), and omniscient (all knowing). Can’t wait until we meet again!


“I saw the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Acts 2:25



Greg Herring ETTD Board President

  October 2020  
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